Build your strategy
on spatial insights

GeoForms is a survey-building application.
It allows you to quickly visualize the answers on maps.

What can you do with GeoForms?

Build forms & surveys with maps

Ask detailed questions about routes and locations. Or ask to draw on a map

Display results on a map

Display your results on beautiful & customizable maps, with ease

Analyse results with GIS-tools

Go one step further and use existing tools and applications to analyse results in greater depth


Your employees commute on a daily basis. But do you know if they even like their way of transport? What are their preferred routes and why? Get buy-in from your environment, make informed decisions to build carpool parkings or even new office locations, and consider it a win-win.

Citizen Participation

Have you ever considered that maybe your own residents are your best source of information? Spotting broken street lights, damaged cycling roads or registering small incidents. It all involves location data which is almost never recorded accurately. Time to change that!

Exploration, Nature & Climate

Spotting birds in your neighbourhood, or spotting polar bears in the artic. Both have locations attached and can be of interesting value. Make it easy on yourself and allow everyone a change to record there own sightings.

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